ArtsFwd 2014 Survey: What Can You Imagine?

We invite you to share your feedback. What would you like to see from ArtsFwd in the coming year?


What can you imagine for the future of ArtsFwd?

We invite you to share your feedback with us in a brief, 5-minute survey. With your input, we’ll continue to craft content, opportunities, and connections that celebrate and advance your innovative work and the adaptive potential of the sector as a whole. Thank you in advance for your time!

Take the survey

The survey is now closed. Many thanks to those who shared feedback with us!

Also, check out our recently released Activating Innovation & ArtsFwd Two Year Report.


Building on the learning from our first two years, the Activating Innovation & ArtsFwd team is deep in the process of setting the course for the future.

We’re asking ourselves: How might we create opportunities for deeper learning? How might we integrate ArtsFwd with the rest of our work at EmcArts? What does a sustainable model for Activating Innovation & ArtsFwd look like? How do we better understand and meet the needs of our community?

As our next steps come into focus over the next several months, we look forward to sharing them with you on the blog. We invite you to share your thoughts about how ArtsFwd can better serve you in the future.

Kendra Danowski is the former ArtsFwd Editor & Engagement Coordinator at EmcArts.