4 Explorations of Organizational Culture

We dug into the ArtsFwd archives to revisit four posts from the past two years that focus on organizational culture.

Results from our Fall 2012 survey, “Conflict Management and the Adaptive Organization.”
Results from our Fall 2012 survey, “Conflict Management and the Adaptive Organization.”

This post is part of this month’s in-depth exploration of the kinds of organizational culture that support adaptive change.

In our May topic introductory post, we shared ideas about 3 different levels of organizational culture and about 4 different types of organizational culture.

However, culture is not a new topic for us — we’ve previously explored organizational culture as one of the key enablers (or constraints) of innovation. Here, we revisit 4 posts from the past two years on ArtsFwd that might provoke your thinking about organizational culture:

But wait — there’s more! What actually happens when an organization’s culture shifts to make way for new practices? We recently published two case studies about organizations that experienced significant cultural shifts as they undertook new projects in EmcArts’ Innovation Labs: Denver Center Theatre Company and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. Read both case studies here.

Share your experience

What is your organization’s culture like? What kind of practices have you seen as supportive (or intolerant) of change? How have you seen leaders allow for (or reject) ambiguity and uncertainty around new organizational initiatives?

We’re gathering your responses to better understand how organizations build cultures that support and embrace change. Use the form below to share your own experiences with shifting the culture at your organization.



Kendra Danowski is the former ArtsFwd Editor & Engagement Coordinator at EmcArts.