5 Perspectives on Leadership

We’re revisiting five past posts from the blog that focus on leadership practices and processes.


This post is part of this month’s in-depth exploration of adaptive leadership.

This month, we’ve been talking about how adaptive change requires a certain set of leadership practices that mobilize groups of people and release the potential power of everyone in an organization.

We took a moment to dig into the ArtsFwd archives and revisit five posts from the past two years that focus on leadership.

We like returning to these pieces to continue to provoke our thinking about adaptive leadership, and the practices, processes, and behaviors that define it.

Share your experience

We are eager to hear about what leadership behaviors you practice in your own work. We’re gathering your responses to better understand what “adaptive leadership” means for arts leaders right now.

  1. How do you seek out perspectives different from your own and let them influence you?
  2. What practices help you establish continuous learning?
  3. How have you evolved your staff structure to meet your changing practices?

To share your own experiences in response to these questions you can respond publicly in the comments of our March Topic post (or on this post), or click here to share your responses with us privately.

Kendra Danowski is the former ArtsFwd Editor & Engagement Coordinator at EmcArts.