Audiences & Technology Series: 8 orgs with leading edge technology projects convene in NYC

Smart Night Out at YBCA

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This December 13-16, representatives from the eight grantees of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s Continuing Innovation program will come together in New York City to delve into a topic that has important implications for all of their projects – Audience Engagement & Technology.

EmcArts is designing and facilitating the convening, so we decided to dedicate December to an Audience & Technology Series on the blog. Stay tuned for more posts.

About the Organizations and their Projects:

In anticipation of the convening, the ArtsFwd team sat down with the leaders of each organization to learn more about their projects.

Read the eight full interviews here:

Although their projects and aims vary widely, we found some interesting common threads. HERE, University Musical Society, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts are all exploring engagement strategies for audiences before, during, and after an onsite experience. Appalshop and NPR are trying out new ways of engaging communities through rich online media platforms. Fractured Atlas, Wesleyan, and NYLA are all pushing the boundaries of their organizational structure to introduce new programs that serve a core constituency.  And for all the organizations, doing things differently has required an openness to trial and error and desire to push boundaries.

About the Convening:

The convening will take place for two and a half days, December 13 – December 16 in New York City.  Each organization is bringing a team of 3-4 people and all convening activities will take place at HERE and at New York Live Arts (NYLA).

 Aims of the Convening:

  1. To develop a learning community among convening participants from grantee organizations around issues of shared relevance to the group, focusing on audiences and technology.
  2. To inquire into relevant applications and implications of technological evolution and its sociological impacts, new approaches to activating audiences, and program strategies that enable direct engagement between creators and audiences.
  3. To improve grantees’ programs by exploring how new developments in technology can be applied to the 8 funded organizations.

Convening Design

Day One – Expanding our Horizons

Participants will rotate in cross-organizational groups of 6-8 and conduct peer-to-peer discussions facilitated by the expert guests below that push their experience and understanding of audiences and technology.

Colleen Macklin, PETLab
Devon Smith, ThreeSpot

Day Two – Critical Friends

Participants will rotate with their intact organizational groups and conduct peer-to-peer discussions facilitated by the expert guests below to advance their thinking about their specific projects.

Heather Cronk, GetEqual
Ali Demos, Ogilvy Discovery
Rich Mintz, Blue State Digital
Doug Mowbray, MoGo Marketing & Media

Keynote: Bruce Flye, a graphic facilitator will lead a participatory visual mapping exercise to synthesize the learning from the convening with the participants.

Click here for more about each of the participants and media that gives an introduction to their work.

Piama Habibullah is the former Online Producer + Communications Manager at EmcArts.