On Chaos and moving into the second phase of New Pathways | Houston

In the last 10 months, we’ve spent many hours on planes from New York to Houston, walking the streets of Houston, and building relationships with the people of Houston through our work in New Pathways for the Arts.  It goes without saying that the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and in so many other places across the globe, is cause enough to make space for reflection.

In the last month, we’ve witnessed the collective resilience and attitude towards abundance inherent to Houstonians and in particular the cohort of organizations participating in New Pathways.  We are thrilled and inspired by the 8 organizations who have chosen to move forward into the next phase of this program, both amidst and despite what Mother Nature has thrown their way.  Our programmatic partners the Houston Arts Alliance have been champions of the relief efforts for our sector-peers in Greater Houston.  You can find out more about how to get and give help through their initiative, Harvey Arts Recovery.

While the recovery is still underway, we’ve been wondering, what does adaptive change look like in the space between complexity and chaos?  How can we move forward after experiencing a sudden plunge into chaotic conditions?  How do we use this time to enable new ways of being?  Below you will find some preliminary thoughts on these questions from Richard Evans.

Click here for a digital version of Richard’s note.

Maura Cuffie is a new New Yorker committed to understanding and exploring change processes in various forms. Her work at EmcArts involves managing the place-based New Pathways programs, which build adaptive capacity in arts & culture organizations.