The Vital Task of Adapting our Organizations During – and After- the Pandemic Webinars

These sessions aim to help leaders and staff in any role make real progress out of disorder and into viable futures, offering frameworks for adaptive practice and examples from practitioners alongside dialogue with peers. These 60-minute weekly sessions began on Tuesday, April 14th. Click below to view our recorded webinars.


In the final webinar of this series, we continued our journey together to tackle the deeply complex challenges our organizations face at this time. We considered how to test radical ideas through small experiments, and to develop prototypes as novel strategies emerge. We offered guidance on creating a team of unusual suspects to lead the work, and suggest some bends in the river to watch out for. 

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The health crisis is resulting in many complex challenges for arts organizations. In this webinar, we unpeeled the layers of a complex challenge to provide a practical guide for creating new pathways forward. We outlined how you can invest in this work in three distinct stages, beginning small. We also introduced a simple methodology to involve your colleagues in squeezing the most from radical new ideas.

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The second session had viewers locate their work in relation to a changing environment as we grappled with the question, “Where are we now?” We looked at a framework to identify complex challenges in the midst of our current environment, and considered constraints and obstacles that may stand in the way of new opportunities. We also looked at how to build adaptive capacity in our current state.

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The first session offered the opportunity for participants to share their topmost concerns at this disorienting time, and benefit from the perspectives of others. We then considered ways to fully understand the wrenching dynamics of current conditions, and applied a sense-making framework to help move forward beyond crisis management.

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