Announcing Staging Change | Toronto!

The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation and EmcArts proudly announce the launch of Staging Change, a multi-year strategic investment program geared to strengthen Toronto’s performing arts organizations by promoting adaptive change efforts.

Staging Change is designed as the next iteration of Metcalf’s current Creative Strategies Incubator program and will incorporate key elements of the New Pathways program model developed by EmcArts. This model celebrates and advances organizational innovations as responses to complex challenges during times of rapid change in the nonprofit arts sector.

Staging Change will ground a cohort of up to 15 Toronto-based performing arts organizations, aimed at strengthening their adaptive capacity and resilience. The program is designed to welcome organizations over four stages, with opportunities to stimulate new thinking and action through interactive workshops, coaching, individual organizational facilitation, and tiered capital investment. Funding will be staged, beginning with small participation grants ($3,000) and, if an organization is successful through all four stages, culminating in substantial scaling grants of up to $75,000 a year for two years.

In addition to launching Staging Change, we are also introducing an accompanying Associate Facilitator Program. Led by EmcArts’ process facilitation team, this program will engage Toronto’s facilitators to build a robust community of practitioners. Focused on a facilitation toolbox for complexity and adaptive change, this will be an opportunity to both enhance facilitative skills and actively observe other program components of Staging Change. Participating also confirms eligibility to be hired as a lead facilitator in the Incubating Innovation process.

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Maura Cuffie is a new New Yorker committed to understanding and exploring change processes in various forms. Her work at EmcArts involves managing the place-based New Pathways programs, which build adaptive capacity in arts & culture organizations.