Blogathon: Arts Entrepreneurship on Barry’s Blog

This week, I’m contributing to a blogathon over on Barry’s Blog. Six other leaders in the arts and I will respond daily to a question about entrepreneurship and the arts. We’ll discuss the definition of arts entrepreneurship, the kind of knowledge needed to be an effective arts entrepreneur, challenges facing entrepreneurship, and how entrepreneurship is related to collaboration and risk taking.

My fellow blogathon contributors include Linda Essig (Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University), Adam Huttler (Fractured Atlas), Ruby Lerner (Creative Capital), Russell Willis Taylor (National Arts Strategies), Andrew Taylor (Arts Management Program at American University), and Anthony Radich (WESTAF).

Read the full blogathon about arts entrepreneurship on Barry’s Blog.

Richard Evans is the President Emeritus of EmcArts, where he directs program design, research, and strategic partnerships that place a particular emphasis on innovation, adaptive organization change, and effective ways that the arts and culture field can respond to the demands of a new era.