AvatarZERO1 produces the ZERO1 Biennial; a showcase of exhibitions, public art and performances that brings provocative works from a global community of cutting edge artists to Silicon Valley. Historically, we’ve engaged a wide public audience via the Biennial. With the advent of the ZERO1 Garage, we now have a physical presence in San Jose’s SoFA district. The ZERO1 Garage hosts year-round programming such as exhibitions, artist talks, and symposia, and our Fellowship Program, all dedicated to inspiring innovation that is socially impactful. 65% of our audience hail from Santa Clara county; 50% are between ages of 25 and 44; 39% are between ages of 45 and 66; 50% work in the arts; 28% work in the technology sector, and there is an even 50:50 male/female split.