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Our adaptive challenge

Because deep and meaningful relationships don’t automatically form just by bringing diverse people together or by physically locating programs in underserved neighborhoods, Boston Children’s Chorus will inspire a sense of belonging across social and racial lines and a more just community in the future by approaching our work in a community-centric vs. arts-centric way and redefining our relationship with our communities by being open, active listeners and building trust.

Read more about the big thinking, deep questioning, and visions for the future in Boston Children’s Chorus’s project.

We ask the crowd:

  1. What role do racial dynamics play in creating obstacles for arts/cultural organizations that want to be more inclusive, effective, vibrant and relevant? Who else in the field has discovered how to address these dynamics in order to overcome the obstacles, and what practices or learnings from others might BCC be able to incorporate?
  2. What other nonprofit organizations, especially youth arts organizations, are concerned about social bridging — that is, inspiring a sense of connection and belonging among people across socioeconomic and racial lines — and are already doing it well? What are the effective strategies and pitfalls that BCC could learn from these models and translate to our own work?

How will your responses help us move forward in tackling our adaptive challenge?

We are proud of the strong artistic platform we have built, and now it is our responsibility to bring balance to our integrated mission. We are hungry to learn what other organizations have encountered, tested, and successfully put into practice. We firmly believe that the arts are an effective means for bringing people together and dissolving social and racial barriers. We also firmly believe in learning from others in the sector who may also be concerned with these issues. Your contributions will allow us to come from a position of greater strength as we head in this new direction.

Share your responses with us (or “up-vote” ideas you like) in the comments section below.

Boston Children's Chorus is an afterschool music education program that provides sustained learning in music literacy, vocal technique, performance, and leadership skills for children ages 7-18. BCC serves 450 youth across differences of race, religion and socioeconomic status from over 80 neighborhoods of Greater Boston.