Vote to Determine 5 Challenge Finalists!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed (12:00am Eastern, June 1st). Many thanks to all who participated!

Phase 2 of the Business Unusual National Challenge has begun, and public voting is open from now through Friday, May 31.


After gathering adaptive challenge submissions from arts and culture organizations around the country over the past two months through our Business Unusual National Challenge, we are excited to announce an exceptional group of 14 Semi-Finalist organizations. However, only 5 Finalists will make it on to the crowdsourcing round in June.

To determine these 5 Finalists, we need your help. Vote for one of the 14 Semi-Finalists in the form below! You may vote once per day, every day, from now through Friday, May 31, 2013 at 11:59PM Eastern Daylight Time.

If you have any questions about the voting process, please send an email to

UPDATE (12am Eastern June 1): Voting is now closed!  Thanks to all who participated!

Karina Mangu-Ward is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at EmcArts.

  • crystal johnson horne

    Go Hampton University Museum!

  • Olivia McGill

    Good luck Hampton!!

  • Tom Bleecker

    yay theater bay area!

  • Marjolaine Lemieux

    Go New Amsterdam!

  • John Carlin

    Good luck HowlRound!

  • Susan H Allen

    Waterfire Rocks!

  • Michael McKeon

    WaterFire is amazing!

  • Alan


  • Tyrone Bevans

    Yay Dance New Amsterdam!

  • WF is the best community event ever!

  • RW is a wonderful performing arts organization. Go Ragged Wings Ensemble!

  • Katie

    Go, TBA, go!

  • Bernadette

    LOVE Waterfire!

  • Valerie Goris

    I love WaterFire Providence! It’s a beautiful summertime event that brings many visitors and revenue to the city. Culturally diverse and extremely entertaining. Fun for all ages!

  • Russell Newman

    Providence Waterfire is a breathtaking experience. It spiritually shows how the downtown has been revitalized over the last 15 years with the growth of a city and a dedication to Urban green space and cultural / artistic reverence.
    Go Providence!

  • Jo-An

    Water fire is just beautiful!

  • Dance New Amsterdam!!

  • Davida A. Ross

    I love Waterfire! Looking forward to this season!

  • come on Dance New Amsterdam – you deserve the recognition

  • FCD

    Go Waterfire !!!

  • Belli Rea

    Ragged Wing is an innovative ensemble, whose work is compelling, engaging and thought-provoking.

  • Gail McGowan

    Waterfire is an awsome experience for young, old, male, and female alike and it is all free !!

  • Mark Motte

    WaterFire Providence has affected hundreds of thousands of Providence residents and visitors for the better. It is a tonic, a delight, a spectacle.

    WaterFire has seduced other communities on whose rivers this magnificent living sculpture, this paean to the senses has been staged. Across America and over the seas.

    Arrive angry and WaterFire soothes. Bring lethargy and WaterFire excites. Fill your eyes, ears and nostrils with this intoxication. Defy the temporal. Fall back through The Ages to a simpler time. We haven’t lost the facility to reflect. Somehow, through the sinuously mesmerizing spectrum of yellows, oranges, purpoles and reds we understand that, in this Age, contemplation is permissible.

    Community, civitas, place. Every one of us is so much more than a face in the crowd. WaterFire awakens and kindles within us our essential, elemental selves. In a cruel world, WaterFire is a healing salve for the soul. This is the in-crowd and we all belong. Just show up.

    WaterFire is magical: It transfixes, yet it doesn’t need a plug or a digital screen. Please bring your children.

    Mark Motte
    Cranston, Rhode Island

  • Maria

    Go Kennedy heights!!!

  • Meira


  • t

    Waterfire in Providence, RI is a gift for all!


    Theater Bay Are ROCKS!

  • Theatre Bay Area Rocks! Programing for all ages, they support the individual theatre artist as well as the small companies and keeps theatre a vibrant voice not just for the San Francisco Bay Area, but beyond!

  • Chao Xia

    waterfire will be more wonderful with some performance

  • Edith Kerr

    I love Theater Bay Area!

  • Go TBA!!!

  • Kate Petrie

    Blaze forth waterfire!

  • Christina Hopewell

    I loved the Hampton University Museum since I was three! I hope they win!

  • Ed Soltys

    After moving from RI to NY a little over a year ago, I find myself looking at the Waterfire schedule to plan my visits back. Its as important as visiting family.

  • Bianca

    Good luck BCC

  • Sarah Koonce

    Get vocal, BCC!

  • Gina Lewis

    Hampton University museum is awesome..always has been and always will be!

  • Joanna Cianfaglione

    Waterfire is awesome!

  • Joan Aldi

    A very talented group of singers!

  • Edith Kerr

    Love Theater Bay Area!

  • Michael Ray Wisely

    Go TBA!