New Pathways | Charlotte Enters Phase Two

Having completed a workshop series on the roots of innovation, the participating organizations in New Pathways | Charlotte are about to enter the exciting second phase of the program! For five organizations, this will consist of organizational coaching designed to further explore adaptive change and carry out action learning through experimentation. The other five organizations will be embarking on Incubating Innovation, a “deep dive” process to incubate a large-scale adaptive strategy.

Incubating Innovation: A Deep Dive into a New Strategic Direction

September 2018 – August 2019

Incubating Innovation is a year-long program to guide the design and prototyping of a significant organizational innovation in response to an identified complex challenge, led by an EmcArts process facilitator. The carefully organized three-part process (team development and research; intensive 5-day Retreat; repeated prototyping and evaluation) is designed to propel innovative strategies through their initial prototyping and final development, ready for scaling. Each organization receives strategic project support of $40,000, designated to underwrite costs associated with the prototyping process.

Participating organizations in Incubating Innovation are:

On-Site Organizational Coaching

September 2018 – January 2019

Moving from group learning to customized on-site work with single organizations, the Coaching activities will provide an opportunity for organizations in the program to involve a larger Working Group of stakeholders (typically 20 to 30) in assessing their organization’s adaptive capacities, investigating long-held assumptions about how they do business, identifying significant complex challenges that they are facing, and carrying out initial “Small Experiments with Radical Intent” to test emerging responses. A grant of $5,000 supports the experimentation work, which will be followed by the opportunity to participate in a second round of Incubating Innovation beginning in 2019.

Organizations taking part in coaching are:

New Pathways | Charlotte is supported by the THRIVE fund, founded by Hugh McColl and administered by the Foundation for the Carolinas, as well as the Arts & Science Council.  The program includes facilitation work by EmcArts experts, program-related micro-grants to support “small experiments with radical intent”, project grants to bolster prototyping efforts for substantial new strategies, and access to larger capital grants for qualifying applicants. The cohort model is designed to encourage group learning, with the goal of building adaptive capacity not just within organizations, but across the Charlotte arts & culture sector.

All ten participating organizations have exciting work ahead of them. Stay tuned for updates in the months ahead!

Maura Cuffie is a new New Yorker committed to understanding and exploring change processes in various forms. Her work at EmcArts involves managing the place-based New Pathways programs, which build adaptive capacity in arts & culture organizations.