New Pathways | Charlotte Update

The first quarter of 2019 brought exciting progress to the 10 organizations participating in New Pathways | Charlotte.


The five organizations in Incubating Innovation started the year with an all-week Intensive Retreat held at Whitehead Manor and Conference Center. Participants took a deep dive into their complex challenge with a hand-picked group of 8-10 members that comprised their Incubating Innovation teams.

The week culminated with each Incubating team planning 2-3 prototypes that will further test radical new ways forward for their organization, and build their adaptive muscles for the years to come. Each organization received strategic project support of $40,000, designated to underwrite costs associated with the prototyping process. From February to August each organization will carry out their prototypes.

Participating organizations that have moved into the 3rd phase of Incubating Innovation are:




All 10 New Pathways Charlotte organizations gathered on the 28th of February for the third Forum. It was a great time of cross-organizational sharing!

Incubating Round 2

Moving out of On-site Organizational Coaching, Incubating Innovation is a year-long program to guide the design and prototyping of a significant organizational innovation in response to an identified complex challenge, led by an EmcArts process facilitator. The carefully organized three-part process (team development and research; intensive 5-day Retreat; repeated prototyping and evaluation) is designed to propel innovative strategies through their initial prototyping and final development, ready for scaling.

Participating organizations moving into Incubating Innovation are:

New Pathways | Charlotte is supported by the THRIVE fund, founded by Hugh McColl and administered by the Foundation for the Carolinas, as well as the Arts & Science Council.  The program includes facilitation work by EmcArts experts, program-related micro-grants to support “small experiments with radical intent”, project grants to bolster prototyping efforts for substantial new strategies, and access to larger capital grants for qualifying applicants. The cohort model is designed to encourage group learning, with the goal of building adaptive capacity not just within organizations, but across the Charlotte arts & culture sector.

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