Crowdsourcing Begins for the Challenge Finalists!

From now until July 25, share your ideas and inspirations with the 7 Finalists as they develop strategies to address their adaptive challenge.


The Business Unusual National Challenge’s crowdsourcing initiative has begun! From now through July 25, 2013, ArtsFwd will host one month of collaborative idea and inspiration sharing among the 7 Finalist organizations, big thinkers and strategic leaders from inside and outside the arts sector, the ArtsFwd community, and public contributors.

What is the purpose of the crowdsourcing phase?

  • To provide a public online platform in which each Finalist organization can pose two research questions related to their adaptive challenge and receive input from a wide range of contributors — beyond the “usual suspects.”
  • To create a cross-disciplinary, open dialogue in a sector that too often keeps conversations isolated in silos of artists, administrators, or funders.

How can I contribute?

Anyone can participate in the crowdsourcing phase by sharing ideas, responses, and inspirations in the comments section of the unique blog posts dedicated to each Finalist.

You can read each of the Finalists’ entries and research questions here:

We look forward to the contributions of all participants in this exciting experiment!

Karina Mangu-Ward is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives at EmcArts.