Share Your Ideas with Dance New Amsterdam

DNA artist-in-residence, Bill Shannon, in performance. Photo: Brian Cummings.

Our adaptive challenge

Because of the steadily declining trend in institutional philanthropic giving, Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) will empower American dance artists (and, conversely, the national dance sector at large) by providing the infrastructure, support and encouragement to practitioners in the field to research, develop and implement innovative entrepreneurial artistic and business practices that will enable a renewed direction towards sustainability and longevity in the field.

Read more about the big thinking, deep questioning, and visions for the future in Dance New Amsterdam’s project.

We ask the crowd:

  1. How can artists discover and then use their unique creative skill sets in cross-discipline and cross-sector business development? **
  2. What examples of cross-sector professional development are you aware of? In what situations would you envision artists integrating their core creative skills with entrepreneurial skills in order to live a financially stable life and strengthen their work in a creative field?

How will your responses help us move forward in tackling our adaptive challenge?

Your responses will help us move forward in creating a wider spectrum of models that can be used as springboards for artists to create their dream jobs. We hope to discover newly imagined ways of using the full extent of artists’ skills to not only support the development of an artist’s career, but also to help widen the definition of a dance artist’s career path in the performing arts field.

 Share your responses with us (or “up-vote” ideas you like) in the comments section below.

** This question was previously listed as: “What, in your opinion, are basic skill sets that are unique to artists, but that you could also imagine being applicable to cross-sector and cross-discipline business development? How might some of those artistic skills be linked to or benefit entrepreneurship and other business-related endeavors?”

Dance New Amsterdam is New York’s leading contemporary dance artist development center, and supports artists’ vision as they train, create and develop their individual voice and place in today’s cultural community. DNA develops new audiences for dance by bridging diverse communities and exploring dance’s role in the sustainability of the performing and visual arts.