Blogging Fellows Discuss Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

What strategies might organizations and individuals embrace to genuinely shift their approach to addressing race, equity, and privilege?


I’m pleased to share the next round of posts from this season’s Blogging Fellows, which is a three-part series on adaptive approaches to addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts and culture field.

In the past couple months, there has been a spike in the online discourse about power, privilege, and race through the lens of the arts and culture field. (A recent Createquity piece includes a compilation of recent contributions.) This is certainly not a new trend, as this discourse has been taking place for decades, but we recognize that is an important opportunity to consider these complex issues through the lens of our work here at ArtsFwd.

In this series, our Blogging Fellows ask: How might we translate our learning from the ongoing dialogue about race, equity, and privilege in the arts into practices that impact our day-to-day work? More importantly, what strategies might organizations and individuals embrace that would genuinely shift their approach to addressing race, equity, and privilege – and that would lead to greater consciousness and impact?

Blogging Fellows share their perspectives

Kelvin Dinkins, Jr. writes about how arts organizations might think and talk differently about how to prioritize increased diversity among leadership – specifically, administrators and board members.

Alison Konecki writes about how we might rethink approaches to engagement in a way that holistically validates community members’ identities, experiences, and input.

Francesca McKenzie writes about how arts organizations can recognize their responsibility in neighborhood gentrification, and how a New Orleans dance network is proactively connecting artists in the city to build collective awareness of local identity and culture.

Join the Fellows for a live Twitter chat on Monday

Join Kelvin, Alison, Francesca and us for a live panel and chat on Twitter. We’ll hear from each Fellow, discuss the core issues raised in their posts, and explore deeper questions together.

Monday, December 9 at 1-2pm Eastern Time

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We look forward to connecting with you and continuing this important dialogue.

Kendra Danowski is the former ArtsFwd Editor & Engagement Coordinator at EmcArts.