Fill-in-the-Blank Tweets: What’s In an Analogy?

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been looking for new ways to kick off dialogue around organizational innovation on our other platforms.


Things you may have missed on ArtsFwd social media

Many of you stay connected to ArtsFwd via our Twitter and Facebook pages, both hubs of conversation around the ideas and topics we tackle in our blog posts. To stir up quick and real-time responses from you about your organization’s work, community, and character, we created some fun fill-in-the-blank analogies to ponder.

We were excited by the creative, thoughtful, and playful responses to our 3 queries on Twitter.

Week 1: Your organization is to your community as […] is to […] .

original community


claytonlord convo



Week 2: If your organization were a dish, it would be […] .

original dish




Week 3: The type of sport your organization most resembles is […] .

original sports



resp stepstonestpaul

How would you fill in the blanks to these questions? Share in the comments below or tweet at us @ArtsFwd. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for cross-platform updates!

  • My organization is to my community as ______ is to ______.
  • If my organization was a dish, it would be ______.
  • The type of sport my organization most resembles is ______.
Piama Habibullah is the former Online Producer + Communications Manager at EmcArts.