Introducing the Grantees: The Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts Round 7

Dancewave, Geva Theatre Center, International Contemporary Ensemble

We’re very excited to welcome our Round 7 cohort: Dancewave, Geva Theatre Center and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). The organizations will be examining three different adaptive challenges:

  • Dancewave: How can we build an innovative, structured curriculum that values both high artistic development and supporting services capable of decreasing delinquent behaviors and increasing engagement in at-risk members?
  • Geva: How can we forge a new bond between patrons and artists through engagement, relationship building and artist-patron centered programming that will create both deeper appreciation of and greater support of the artist’s voice?
  • ICE: How can we put the artist at the center of not only artistic but operational, decisions?

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We received 27 amazing applications examining a variety of themes — training of new professionals, blending artistic and administrative work and new models of audience and community engagement were among them.  If you’d like to learn more about the applicant projects, we’ve put together the summaries for your reading pleasure.

Download the project summaries

NOTE: We’ve just opened the Round 8 RFP.  If you’re interested in applying, here are some tips in video, podcast, and transcript format. You can download the RFP here.

Liz Dreyer is the Senior Program Manager at EmcArts, managing the Community Innovation Labs as well as the Arts Leaders as Cultural Innovators (ALACI) program. She is also a Process Facilitator in the New Pathways programs.