Share Your Ideas with Kennedy Heights Arts Center


Our adaptive challenge

Because grants and charitable contributions are limited and cannot solely support our growing operating costs, and our commitment to inclusivity precludes us from charging admission or collecting program fees from all participants, Kennedy Heights Arts Center will therefore create new, sustainable ways of earning revenue through social enterprise.

Read more about the big thinking, deep questioning, and visions for the future in Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s project.

We ask the crowd:

  1. What successful arts-based social enterprises – a business operated by a nonprofit with the dual purpose of generating income and creating social and cultural value – have you seen in your area and why do you think they are successful?
  2. How might Kennedy Heights Arts Center leverage its unique assets to create socially valuable products or services that also generate a profit? (Our assets include: a new 2,500 sq. ft. multi-purpose space, a historic mansion, an art gallery, a consignment art shop, 2 acres of landscaped grounds and garden, art studios and classrooms, a photography darkroom, relationships with local artists, qualified art instructors, talented students, strong cadre of volunteers, and experience starting a community art center from the ground up and expertise in community arts.)

How will your responses help us move forward in tackling our adaptive challenge?

Your responses and contributions will inform the work of a committee currently in place that is focused on developing our plans for the new satellite facility. Committee members include KHAC staff and board members, an architect, attorney with expertise in real estate law, a realtor, and two artists. This committee will eagerly read and respond to ideas presented by the “crowd,” assess and review these ideas, build upon them, do more research as needed, and incorporate them into our planning.

Share your responses with us (or “up-vote” ideas you like) in the comments section below.

Serving more than 3,500 people annually, Kennedy Heights Arts Center offers rotating art exhibitions and arts education programs for youth and adults, among other outreach programs and community events. As a community-based art center, KHAC has a special focus on Kennedy Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods.