QUIZ! What kind of innovation team member are you?

My name is Hana Sharif and I am the Associate Director at Center Stage in Baltimore, MD.

Center Stage is part of EmcArts’ Innovation Labs for Performing Arts this year. We originally entered the Lab with a complex challenge of strategic integration of technology into our organizational mission and culture, but since then our complex challenge has changed considerably. We are now in the process of re-examining power, decision-making and cross-departmental collaboration on our team through the development and production of a new theatrical event. Our focus has shifted from integrating innovative technology to exploring organizational transformation, and re-examining how we create theater together.

My first Working Open post is a fun, interactive quiz that examines the different roles team members can take in an Innovation Lab.

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In the comments section below, share your experience dealing with organizational changes. What is your process for introducing a shift in organizational philosophy to your staff at large?  How do you ensure the integration of said philosophy?

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Hana Sharif is the Associate Director at Center Stage in Baltimore, MD