Participants Selected for Staging Change | Toronto!

With great pleasure and excitement, EmcArts announces the cohort of fourteen Toronto-based performing arts organizations that have been accepted into Stage 1 of Staging Change, the latest version of The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation’s multi-year strategic funding program in the Performing Arts.

The cohort for Stage 1, comprised of companies, festivals, educational institutions, and a service provider, represent the vast richness of Toronto’s performing arts sector in terms of discipline and size. They are:

A tiered program, Staging Change is comprised of four stages. In Stage 1, teams from each organization, representing artistic, administrative and board leadership, will participate in a series of six interactive workshops designed to uncover and name a complex challenge and begin to identify a potential response.

All organizations who successfully complete Stage 1 will be invited to apply to Stage 2, in early 2019, consisting of more in-depth organizational coaching leading to small scale experimentation. Stage 3, for up to five organizations, focuses on the most promising responses and provides research and design capital. Finally, over two more years, significant scaling grants will embed the strategy within the organizations.

Underpinning the philosophy of Staging Change is the recognition that growth and longevity are no longer the only sustainable goals for performing arts organizations. In today’s rapidly changing environment, success means finding a healthy balance between stability and adaptability. In order to thrive, performing organizations must let go of traditional thinking which insists that organizations hold on to everything that they do well and adding on new initiatives. Staging Change creates the conditions for performing arts companies to experiment with adaptive strategies in a thoughtful and inclusive context.

In addition to launching Staging Change, we are also introducing the Staging Change Associate Facilitator Training Initiative (SCAFTI). The nine Associate Facilitators selected to participate in the Initiative have wide-ranging backgrounds and areas of expertise, ranging from organizational development, to movement-based facilitation, to the practices and principles of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. They are:

  • Sue Balint
  • Karen Gilodo
  • Kristina Lemieux
  • Jeanne LeSage
  • Shannon Litzenberger
  • Allen MacInnis
  • Alicia Payne
  • Michael Prosserman
  • Pru Robey

Led by Metcalf and EmcArts, this train-the-trainer program will develop the capacity of local consultants through the practice of adaptive change. It is focused on enhancing the skills of two groups of people: consultants who have a practice based in the performing arts, especially those with experience in facilitating organizational change, and organizational leaders from all arts disciplines.

Stay tuned for updates from both of these exciting new programs as they get underway in the coming months!


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