The Summit is a new programmatic venture of EmcArts Inc and is made possible by the following team members:

Lead Design: Richard Evans
Design & Production Team: Melissa Dibble, Liz Dreyer, Karina Mangu-Ward, & Louise Brooks
Social Media Producer: Kendra Danowski
Support Team: Brittany Beyer & Kurt O. Richards

Workshops Curator: John McCann
Workshop Leaders: Eric Booth, Michael Rohd, Todd Woodard, Melissa Dibble, Richard Evans, John Shibley

Speaker Coach and Talks Moderator: Richard Demato

Games Curator & Facilitator: Pete Vigeant
Games Facilitator: Brian Vitale
Games Assistant: Shaelyn Amaio

Virtual Summit Executive Producer: Peter Green
Livestream Executive Producer: Adam Drescher
Livestream Producer: Dimon Gapon
Field Video Producer: Andrea Smith
Videographers: Todd Skougor, Eric WillamsLowel Pierce Payton Peterson

Visual Identity by: Jason Briscoe & The Workshop

Online Ambassadors: James Carter, Nell Edgington, David J. Loehr, Howard Sherman, Jessica L. Wilt, and Eleanor Whitney