Meet the Summit Team & Discussions

At the end of each day, participants have the opportunity to join one of three participant-driven discussions.

Discussion of Talks
Gallery (Basement)

Each of the block of themed Talks will be immediately followed by a facilitated discussion, inspired by the speakers’ big ideas and stories. The conversation will be participant-driven with opportunities for all attendees to share their perspective on pressing topics.  The discussion will also join on-site participants with virtual participants, who will contribute to the conversation via the hashtag #ArtsFwd.

Meet the Summit Team & Provocateurs
Lanny Martin Room (4th Floor)

Attendees are invited to meet and greet the Summit Team, our “Provocateurs” David Devan (Opera Philadelphia), Amy Heibel (LACMA), Ruby Lerner (Creative Capital), Mary Rowe (Municipal Art Society), and Carlton Turner (Alternate ROOTS), and other invited guests.

Open Forum
Mountain View Room (4th Floor)

The open forums are a space at the Summit for participants to self-organize around topics and areas of interest that matter to them.  We’ll have a board up in each breakfast/lunch room where participants can post topics that they’d like to discuss in the Open Forum later that evening.  We are encouraging participants to post topics and then invite others who they’d like to be a part of the conversation to join them.  This space is yours to do whatever you choose.