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Our adaptive challenge

Because individual membership in our organization is down, Theatre Bay Area (TBA) will effectively communicate the value we provide to the community and build engagement in our work by focusing our messaging on the overall health of the theatre and dance ecosystem. We will also enlist individuals in our community as impassioned participants in our cause and joint owners in our work through the implementation of the public radio model of membership.

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We ask the crowd:

  1. Membership and motivation: What organizations, clubs or groups do you belong to and what has motivated you to join them? (For example, “AAA because of their free towing service,” or “My church because it gives me a sense of community and provides insights for my life.”)
  2. Citizenship and engagement: Are the concepts of “citizenship” and “the common good” in the arts community meaningful to you? How could you imagine a service organization like Theatre Bay Area supporting your arts citizenship and common good?

How will your responses help us move forward in tackling our adaptive challenge?

We will use your responses to these questions to examine field-wide assumptions around memberships and subscriptions and envision how we might recast our membership model. They will also help us think about how we might promote the concept of citizenship in the arts community and engagement with the common good. We also plan to share our findings and our evolving thinking with others, and hope that our work and the ideas that emerge out of this phase will spark a larger conversation among other service organizations across the country.

Share your responses with us (or “up-vote” ideas you like) in the comments section below.

Founded in 1976, Theatre Bay Area is the largest regional theatre service organization in North America, serving theatre artists and companies with programs such as our general and regional auditions, annual conference, granting programs, and career building workshops. TBA builds consensus around the idea that the performing arts are critical to a democratic society.