Webinar: “Business Unusual: What is Organizational Innovation?”

Liz Dreyer (EmcArts Manager of National Programs) and Karina Mangu-Ward (EmcArts Director of Activating Innovation) will give a brief 15-minute overview of our definitions of Organizational Innovation and Adaptive Change as they relate to the ArtsFwd “Business Unusual” Innovation Story Contest and the Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts Round 7 RFP, followed by a 30 minute Q&A in which you can find out whether you’re a good fit for the programs.

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2012
Time: 2 –3pm EST
Fee: Free

Register now

If your organization is considering applying to the Contest and/or the Innovation Lab, we highly encourage you to attend and have your questions ready to go. In fact, we’d love to hear your questions in advance so the Webinar can be as customized to your needs as possible. Please send questions to Liz Dreyer prior to Tuesday, June 19th.

To whet your appetite before the webinar, please visit our Toolkit for a short video introduction on Organizational Innovation and the 5 important steps in an innovation process.

If you’re not able to attend the Webinar and you have questions, please feel free to email Karina Mangu-Ward directly.


Piama Habibullah is the Online Producer + Communications Manager at EmcArts, creating media content and increasing social media reach for EmcArts and ArtsFwd.org, an online platform for arts leaders to learn and share stories about adaptive change and the power of effective innovation.