Share Your Ideas with WaterFire Providence


Our adaptive challenge

Because WaterFire has historically relied on corporate sponsorships, which have become more challenging to secure, we will develop a new revenue model that will engage a wider group of stakeholders and beneficiaries to participate in stewardship programs that preserve, protect and reinvest in WaterFire so that it can continue to create even greater economic and cultural impacts for the community. In its simplest form, our adaptive challenge is overcoming the attitude that WaterFire is a public good and mitigate the free rider effect where benefiting organizations leave the support to someone else. While it is unrealistic to think that we will get everyone to contribute, our goal is to significantly increase the participation rate.

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We ask the crowd:

  1. What might we do or say to overcome the widespread misconception that WaterFire is funded and produced by the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island?
  2. What do you see as the value of WaterFire to the State of Rhode Island, the City of Providence, local businesses and residents, out of state visitors, and your family?

How will your responses help us move forward in tackling our adaptive challenge?

Your responses and contributions will be integrated into our conceptualizing, framing and review of best practices during a process we are currently embarking on: a comprehensive review and rewrite of the WaterFire strategic plan, and experimentation with new affirmative engagement models for public art.

Share your responses with us (or “up-vote” ideas you like) in the comments section below.

WaterFire's mission is to inspire Providence and her visitors by revitalizing the urban experience, fostering community engagement and creatively transforming the city. Our art installation stretches on the rivers that run through Providence, and we collaborate with artists and community organizations in offering a free public art event for the entire community.