Working Open: What’s your experience using a sliding-scale?

At Staten Island Arts we’re experimenting with using a sliding-scale and suggested donations.  Do you have stories to share about when these strategies have been useful for you?

My name is Monica Valenzuela and I am the Interim Executive Director at Staten Island Arts.

Our complex challenge revolves around testing new programming and business models for our new gallery/performance/office space located inside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George. Through my Working Open Fellowship, I am seeking to share our experiences as well as ask questions around things we are learning, namely audience engagement and earned income strategies. My first Working Open post is a video that explains more about our innovation project and complex challenge, and poses some questions for you to consider.

Watch the video

Share your experience

In the comments section below, share your experience using a sliding scale or a suggested donation for ticketing.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What did you learn?


Monica Valenzuela is the Interim Executive Director at Staten Island Arts in New York.

  • Amy Chase Gulden

    wow, interesting video … and question. I know as a passerby i’d be the one standing at the threshold … and once it had already begun being invited to make a donation to stick my head in — would probably entice me to stay, like it did for some others. Tho i could see that annoying the nice people who planned ahead and bought tickets. its funny — you kinda need an policy for those who come upon it — that’s welcoming and sliding scale for how long its already been going on? This video presentation is wonderful – who helped create this with the hand writing out typed letters? is it a program?
    I hope you get some good response!
    my best,