Beacons and Tokens

A beacon is the signal, the flashing light in the distance that indicates safety from a fog-filled torrent. A beacon is the guide; not the path, but the reassurance that safe passage can be found. 

Woven throughout the Summit, games curator Pete Vigeant has designed a system of immersive games with constraints and affordances to help participants build their awareness of and capacity to respond to the kinds of dynamics that occur during the journey of innovation and adaptive change, including: ambiguity, shifting assumptions, discovery, unexpected connections, productive conflict, building trust, and letting go.

Beacons and Tokens is a playful experience that creates intersections between destinations where travelers interact in unexpected ways. Each Beacon is a place of activity that inspires action through physical, social or mental challenges. Players earn Tokens, which can be combined and shared to create a composition with greater meaning. Success is defined by the participant, whether collecting the most or the most meaningful. The experience accommodates many different forms of participation, ranging from simple observation, to solo missions to large group engagements.

The games are woven throughout the event and highlighted during two one-hour periods.