Who can submit a pitch?

ArtsFwd is committed to engaging a diverse group of voices in conversation about innovation and adaptive change in the arts and culture sector. Therefore, we accept pitches for blog posts through an ongoing open call.

If you would like to submit a pitch to write a blog post for ArtsFwd, please read the guidelines below and submit via the embedded form. We will respond to your proposal as soon as possible, but please allow two weeks for us to review your inquiry.

What kind of posts is ArtsFwd looking for?

Your proposed post should:

  • Be relevant to the core interests of the ArtsFwd community, which are: innovative organizational practices and adaptive change strategies for the arts and culture sector
  • Communicate a strong, unique point of view and present a compelling argument that is supported by your experience and knowledge
  • Reference or link to existing dialogue in the field
  • Be between 400 and 900 words

What do I have to submit?

In the form below, you are asked to submit a proposed title and short description of the concept for your post, the first 100 words of the post, a writing sample, and contact information.

  • Copy and paste a sample - no longer than 1000 words.