Who can submit an innovation story?

One of ArtsFwd’s key initiatives is sharing stories about organizations and individuals who are addressing persistent and complex challenges by using strategies for adaptive change. We accept submissions of innovation stories through an ongoing open call.

Because the dialogue that takes place in our community is focused on organizational approaches, we are looking for stories that are representative of an organizational or group process. However, our perspective focuses on experiences from within the arts and culture sector, so we prioritize stories that represent arts and culture organizations. This includes, but is not limited to: art museums, science museums, theaters, libraries, historical houses and societies, dance companies, music organizations, media production organizations, service organizations, and education organizations or institutions.

If you would like to submit an innovation story to be considered for feature on ArtsFwd, please read the guidelines below and submit via the embedded form. We will respond to your proposal as soon as possible, but please allow two weeks for us to review your inquiry.

What kind of stories is ArtsFwd looking for?

Innovation story submissions should:

  • Reflect on or recap a real lived experience of a change effort or implementation of new strategy within your organization that is a real organizational innovation. An organizational innovation is an instance of change that:

results from a shift in underlying organizational assumptions,

is discontinuous from previous practice,

and provides new pathways to creating public value.

  • Analyze and make meaning of the impact and process of your organizational innovation
  • Include personal narratives from that process and experience
  • Connect back to content on ArtsFwd or to other large ideas about adaptive change and new organizational approaches in the arts and culture field

Some examples of organizational innovation may include (but are not limited to): changes to programs, exhibits, operations, communications, or governance; or new approaches to collaboration, restructuring, downsizing, or merging.

We also encourage you to explore our Innovation Stories collection to acquaint yourself with the kinds of narratives we feature on ArtsFwd.

What do I have to submit?

In the form below, you are asked to submit a description of your innovation story, contact information for you and your organization, and any relevant media for us to learn more about your story.

  • Please indicate Urban, Suburban, or Rural.
  • Please address the following questions in your submission.
    - Statement of challenge: A clear, concise statement of the major challenge or opportunity that you were seeking to address.
    - Description of your project: What new strategic responses to your opportunity or challenge did you undertake and why?
    - Innovative nature of your project: How does your project related to the definition of innovation above?
    - Impacts: How has your innovation impacted your organization?
  • Please link to at least 2 images or a video related to your story.